Health Coach Secrets-FREE Online Summit!

The Summit!! Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all your attempts to live healthier?  Do you feel it’s too expensive, too time consuming, or just plain confusing?  Perhaps every Monday you vow to do better, only to find yourself off track come Wednesday? Come learn the secrets used by Health Coaches to make healthy living easier, more Continue reading

Short-Cut Thai Shrimp Pineapple “Ceviche” {Guest post from Jessica Gaertner from Paleo-ish}

In case you missed my last post , I have teamed up with Jess from to bring you guys her amazing recipe for Short-Cut Thai Shrimp Pineapple “Ceviche”.  This recipe swap is all a part of a huge giveaway we are doing with several other lovely lady bloggers.  You can find the details for that giveaway here.  If Continue reading

Summer 2016 Recipe Swap and HUGE Giveaway!

I am so excited to share some amazing news with you all! I have been working on a HUGE collaboration with five other awesome bloggers in the paleo/holistic nutrition world. It has been so much fun to “meet” new people in this community who share my passion for real food and nourishing our bodies for vitality.  We are all so passionate about it Continue reading

Cookbook Review: “All-American Paleo Table” by Caroline Potter

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Caroline Potter of Colorful Eats at Sausage and Meat here in San Diego to celebrate the release of her amazing cookbook, All-American Paleo Table among her family, friends and local bloggers. Everyone was there to eat incredible food, socialize and offer praise to the magnificent cookbook that Continue reading

Balance Your Foundations Giveaway {Wellness Wednesday}

Hopefully you are following me and my amazing Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) friends on the World Wide Web, but specifically on Instagram because we have a crazy amazing giveaway that is about to go down! I have teamed up with my fellow NTP graduates, Carlie of The Rebel Plate, Emily of Whole Nourished Life, Kiersten of Vibrant Life Army Continue reading