Hidden Greens Shamrock Gummies

Saint Patrick’s Day is on its way, which means binge drinking and corned beef and cabbage eating for most.  It also means those McDonalds commercials touting the deliciousness of their Shamrock Shakes.  This deliciousness however, comes with a price and I don’t mean the 3-5 dollars you will fork over for a cup full of green Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Cherry Gummies

I loathe Valentine’s Day.  Loathe it!  Not for the obvious reasons you  may think, like I am single and disgruntled or I revolt against the masses and refuse to give into a Hallmark holiday.  While those are perfectly great reasons to dislike Fabruary 14th, there are several other reasons why I loathe Valentine’s Day. One reason Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Gummies

Thanks to this wonderful season, otherwise known as all things pumpkin, I created some little gummies that are not only tasty and adorable but also beneficial for your health. Gelatin is a combination of proteins and peptides obtained from bones, skin and connective tissue of animals.  In its original form it is called collagen. Gelatin is the cooked form Continue reading