Me-er than Me

Since beginning my real food journey I have talked to everyone that would listen  about the idea of starting a food and wellness blog.  I instantly began experimenting with food recipes in the kitchen and beauty recipes in the bathroom. I even started experimenting with dog treat recipes! My hard drive is currently full of half written blog posts, and even in their incomplete stage I find them brilliant. My iPhone storage is clogged with voice memos for witty post ideas and food photos.  Yet it took an assignment from my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program for me to actually sit down and do it!

I spent way too much time wondering how to find my place in this real food world without doing a damn thing about it.  Wondering what kind of impact my voice could have in a community that feels so vast, so knowledgeable and so complete.  What can I bring to the table?  What do I have to contribute that hasn’t already been cooked, baked, written, hypothesized and over-analyzed. What do I have that others do not?Well….me. I bring me of course!

Youer than you

One day while I was questioning my ability to make a mark in this community I remembered my favorite Dr. Seuss quote.  As I traveled on this road to wellness I finally learned to accept my body for what it was and stopped badgering myself for what it isn’t.  I had yet to do that with my mind though.  I have been reading and researching the benefits of this lifestyle long before I joined it! I had to remind myself that there is no other me in this community.  Yes there may be other Type 1 Diabetics, there may be other food bloggers, there may be plenty of other NTPs, there may even be other American Sign Language interpreters out there doing what I am trying to do.  But there isn’t another Natalie.  Some of you might be muttering, Thank God, under your breath and I heard that.  It is true that too much of a good thing can be a problem.  Realizing this I knew it was time to start blogging.

So here I am ready to do this thing.  I am looking forward to sharing my recipes, photos, and all the wonderful things I have learned thus far.  I do have to put out a full disclaimer right now though. My mother specifically asked me not to “be mean and curse all over the internet”.  I am just going to apologize now for anything I do or say to offend her and anyone else for that matter.  Once my opinions start flowing I am an unstoppable rebel force. That being said, I plan on making this blog my bitch! (Sorry Mom)

To a nourished life,


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