Eggnog Grown-up Gummies

Eggnog Grown-up Gummies

These Eggnog Grown-up Gummies were created with some very specific, albeit hazy memories in mind. Do you remember when Jell-O shots were the thing?  Maybe they weren’t your thing, and they were usually a bad thing, but for a while there they were the thing.  Most people I hung out with could care less how they tasted.  A little Jell-O, a lot of booze and viola. I was the type of friend that always wanted to get creative with their Jell-O shots.  I wanted them to taste good while simultaneously intoxicating the entire party. A little Dixie cup full of magic, or disaster, a magical, drunken disaster.

Because I wanted my magical, drunken disaster to also taste pleasant, I experimented with different juices; pineapple, cranberry, and my favorite mango. I also tried different alcohols; tequila, rum, and vodka including those flavor infused liquors as well.  Last I tried a variety of Jell-O flavors to find the perfect combination.  Let’s be honest though, Jell-O shots are rarely perfect, and the end goal is to get wasted so taste and presentation are out the window at that point!

Eggnog Grown-up Gummies

Now that I have admitted I was previously a drunken mess, I would like to introduce you to my new recipe, which will probably become a series of recipes because like I stated above, Jell-O shots were the thing. Now  that I am so mature and health conscious, these Grown-up Gummies are the thing!  I guess not much has changed. I am still a mess, but not a drunken one, at least not all the time! I keep the rare nights I do drink to a two drink maximum.  That way I know I will not feel like death the following day.

These are a bit like those ill-fated Jell-O shots mentioned above, only way tastier and not quite so intoxicating.   I made my Eggnog for Two recipe then added some Vital Proteins Gelatin and viola delicious little gummies for grown-ups, minus all the crap that Jell-O brings. Although these gummies do contain a bit of sugar and alcohol they are much healthier than the regular ol’ Jell-O version we used to use and abuse. Plus, you can impress your eggnog loving guests with these fancy adult-only treats. Or leave the alcohol out and they can be enjoyed by all.

Eggnog Grown-up Gummies

A package of strawberry Jell-O contains:

  • adipic acid-a man made product created via chemical reaction used in nylon and plastic manufacturing
  • artificial flavors-what does that even mean?  No one really knows!
  • disodium phosphate-a common food additive used to increase shelf-life, but also used in cleaning products and pesticides
  • sodium citrate-a citric acid that may cause issues for those sensitive to the corn used to create it
  • fumaric acid-although it occurs naturally in humans and animals, this is a synthetic version used as a acidity stabilizer
  • red dye #40-a coal-derived additive that is banned in several European countries because of its “adverse effects” on children

Don’t even get me started on the ingredients in the sugar-free Jell-O, something I was told was “healthy” for a Type 1 Diabetic like me!  Do yourself a favor and start using Vital Proteins Gelatin for all recipes that require a Jell-O like texture!

Eggnog Grown-Up Gummies
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  1. Make Eggnog according to recipe
  2. Sprinkle gelatin over warm water, allowing to bloom for 2-3 minutes
  3. Whisk gelatin mixture into eggnog mixture
  4. Pour into greased 8 x 8 pan or greased candy molds
  5. Allow to set in the fridge for at least an hour before removing from mold

Were you a Jell-O shot person?

To a nourished life,


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