Staying Nourished

I choose to eat foods that are nourishing to my body.  While that list isn’t concrete it does follow a general template that some might label “Paleo”. When I started this journey almost 3 years ago I followed a strict set of rules, once I started to feel better those rules loosened up a bit. Although I tend not to stray too far from the path or I will pay for it the next day.

I choose to nourish myself with……..

  • meats and eggs from grass-fed, pastured raised, organic sources
  • seafood that is wild caught/sustainable
  • fats and oils from pastured animals, coconut, avocado and olives.
  • organic vegetables all kinds, all the vegetables, all the time!  I tend to limit starchy veggies due to the impact on my blood sugars, but I’ve been known to shovel handfuls of spinach in my mouth without even batting an eye.
  • nuts and seeds that are always raw and organic.
  • fruit also organic, but limited intake again due to the impact on blood sugar
  • occasional diary from a grass-fed source

I maintain nourishment by avoiding…….

  • grains and legumes
  • processed crap foods
  • conventional meats and diary
  • toxic seed oils
  • processed sugars


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