Chocolate Protein Waffles

chocolate protein waffles

I admit it. I am a prepper. Not one of those doomsday, mini-underground-houses-built-in-my-backyard-for-the-upcoming-apocalypse kind of preppers. Although those mini underground houses are pretty awesome, if only they could figure out a way to have fresh veggies down there I might consider joining in on that kind of prepping.  The kind of prepping I am talking about is the one that involves meals.  Lots of meals, made in one or two days so the rest of the week requires little to no brainpower or willpower when it comes to eating.

Typically my prep days are on the weekends.  I will bake a breakfast casserole filled with whatever random vegetables I have and some ground meats. I will slow cook a hunk of meat, usually a roast or whole chicken, to shred and throw on top of salads and cauliflower rice. I will also cook up a huge batch of greens because greens go with every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner!   Sometimes I will eat steak, but those are not prepped ahead of time.  A good steak needs to be eaten in the moment.  The other stuff can easily be reheated at any moment.

chocolate protein waffles

Meal prepping has also made me a bit lazy and kind of boring.  I always have that breakfast casserole, cooked bacon and sautéed greens on hand.  So breakfast is as easy as throwing what I want on a plate, adding a dollop of butter or ghee, setting the microwave to 1 minute, adding a heaping pile of sauerkraut when the timer dings and going to town.  On those rare mornings when I do not have breakfast prepped and ready to go, I usually just cook up some over-easy eggs and call it a day.  I guess lazy is not the right words, since I do actually make something delicious to eat.  Lets call it lack of creativity.

Some days I load up my tea with Collagen Peptides and ghee and just skip breakfast. But some days I want something more.  Some days, I get crazy and whip up my Apple Pie Pancakes or my Pear Ginger Muffins. Other days I want to get a bit more creative.  My good friends over at Vital Proteins  sent me some of their Cocoa & Coconut Water Collagen Whey to try and I let my kitchen creativity fly!  I threw it in my Chocolate Tea, that recipe you can find on Instagram. I experimented with some smoothie recipes. Then I made these amazing Chocolate Protein Waffles!

chocolate protein waffles

This Collagen Whey contains grass-fed, pasture-raised dairy whey protein creating a balanced amino acid profile. That protein is also supported by 15,000 mg of pasture-raised collagen peptides that can aid in increased athletic performance and a reduction in injuries.  It also contains 2 billion  colony forming-unit (CFU)  spore probiotic bacillus coagulans that increase protein absorption and recovery. Added to that container of magical powder is 375 mg of fermented cocoa bean flavanols which have been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, prevent blood clots, and fight cell damage. If that wasn’t enough, there is also 80 mg of natural hyaluronic acid for joint and skin support.

Obviously after listing all the health benefits of Vital Protein’s Collagen Whey you now have to go out and make this recipe immediatly!  Use it as a post-work out snack, a tasty chocolaty treat or a rainy Saturday  morning meal.  Whatever the day or the weather, these waffles are sure to fill you up and leave you feeling healthy and strong. Or just completely satisfied and happy!

Chocolate Protein Waffles
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 3-4 waffles
  1. Plug in waffle maker
  2. In a bowl whisk eggs, oil of choice, maple syrup, and vanilla
  3. Sift chocolate whey, cassava flour, arrowroot, sea salt and baking soda into liquid mixture
  4. Slowly add coconut milk, folding batter together using rubber spatula
  5. Grease waffle maker with oil of choice
  6. Pour enough batter to fill waffle maker, about ½ cup
  7. Sprinkle with chocolate chips (optional)
  8. Cook according to waffle maker instructions, until crispy
  9. Top with syrup, powdered sugar or jam
  10. NOTE: The yield will vary based on your waffle maker.

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