April 21 Day Sugar detox in ASL


April 21 Day Sugar detox in ASL ww.aourishedappetite.com

ASL and The 21-Day Sugar Detox

Hey Friends, I am taking two of my biggest passions; the amazing, beautifully visual American Sign Language and health, and putting these two things that I love together for an April 21 Day Sugar Detox. I will be running a  group specifically for the Deaf Community. It will be done through a private Facebook group, weekly emails and daily videos in ASL posted on a private Youtube channel. All you have to do is purchase the program through my affiliate link. If you already have the program or one of the books and would like to participate, use the contact me form and let me know.

If you have any friends or family that you think would benefit from The 21-Day Sugar Detox and taking the first steps on their journey to health please share this post with them. Any questions, contact me here!

April 21 Day Sugar Detox in ASL www.anourishedappetite.com

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